Points Rummy

Points Rummy

Points rummy is the 13-card Indian rummy variant, where players play for points. The player who makes the first valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and cash based on the opponent's total points. It is one of the most popular and fastest variants of online rummy games.

What Is Points Rummy?

Points rummy, also known as 80 points rummy and 13-card rummy, is a version of the well-known Indian rummy game. The game is commonly played by 2 to 6 players and points have a predetermined rupee value. Depending on the number of players, one or two normal decks with one printed joker per deck are used. The player who makes the first valid declaration scores zero and wins the game.

Points Rummy (2 players)

You can play points rummy at a 2-player table. A standard deck of 52 cards plus 1 printer joker is used for a 2-player game. When one of the players quits the game or misses 3 consecutive turns, the other player is declared the winner.

Points Rummy (6 players)

You can also play points rummy at 6-player tables, where 2 standard decks of cards plus 2 printed jokers are used. In a 6-player game, you have the drop option. The prize is usually bigger in a 6-player game.

How to Play Points Rummy on Rummy.com

Points rummy is played by 2 to 6 players with one or two standard decks of cards and one printed joker per deck. Before we get to the action, it's crucial to understand the game's goal.

Each player’s objective is to make a valid declaration first by arranging 13 cards in sequences, or sequences and sets. A valid declaration must have at least two sequences, at least one of which must be a pure sequence. Additionally, all of the cards must be arranged in sets or sequences. You can declare your hand after arranging your cards by discarding the 14th card to the "Finish Slot." You will win the game if your declaration is valid and you are the first player to declare.

Play: Each player is dealt 13 cards at the start of the game. The remaining cards form the closed deck, and the first card from the closed deck is placed face up on the table to form the open deck. The wild joker is chosen at random, and all the cards with that value also become wild jokers. When the game begins, a player must draw a card from the closed deck or the open deck and then discard a card to the open deck. In a clockwise rotation, players take turns.

How to Download the Points rummy App

You can download our Android mobile app from the Rummy.com website. The app allows you to play points rummy as well as multiple other variants of the game. For only free gaming, you can also download the rummy app from the Play Store.

If you are an iOS phone user, you can download the app from the Rummy.com website or from the App Store. You can play unlimited free games as well as cash rummy games on the app.

Drop Feature in Points Rummy

A player has the option to exit a point rummy game immediately after seeing their cards or in the middle of the game. Use the "Drop" option if you want to leave the game without suffering a big loss. When you have a weak hand or terrible cards, go for the drop option. There are two types of drops.

First Drop: The first drop occurs when a player chooses to drop without picking even a single card. A 20-point fine is imposed for a first drop.

Middle Drop: This occurs when a player quits the game anytime after picking at least one card. The penalty in this case is 40 points.

Consecutive Misses: On missing three consecutive turns, a player is automatically eliminated from the game. That is a middle drop, which has a penalty of 40 points.

Drop option for 2 players in Points Rummy

You cannot drop a 2-player game. If you do so or miss 3 consecutive turns, you lose the game and your opponent is declared the winner.

Drop option for 6 players in Points Rummy

You have an option to drop a 6-player game. As mentioned above, the penalty for a first drop is 20 points and for a middle drop it’s 40 points. The other players at the table keep playing the game until one of them makes a valid declaration.

How to Calculate the Score in Points Rummy

You must know the ranking of each card in order to understand the rummy scoring system. The cards in this game are ranked from lowest to highest as follows:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A

Note: The ace (A) can form a sequence with 1 and 2 (A-2-3) as well as with Q and K (Q-K-A).

Each card's point value is listed in the table below.

Cards Points
Number cards (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s) Same as their face value, e.g. 2s are worth 2 points each
Face cards (Ks, Qs & Js) and aces (A’s) 10 points each
Jokers 0 points each

Winning Player’s Score Calculation

  • The first player to complete the game objective wins. The winner scores 0 points.
  • If one or more players drop in their initial move, they are awarded a penalty of 20 points each, and the game continues until one player makes a valid declaration.
  • After making their first move, if one or more players decide to drop the game, they are awarded a penalty of 40 points each, and the game continues until a single winner is determined.
  • In a 6-player game, a player who declares without meeting the game objective loses by 80 points and the game continues until a valid declaration is made.

Losing Players’ Score Calculation

  • Each card is worth a specific number of points. The player who loses receives points based on the hand score calculated as follows:
  • Each J, Q, K, and A are worth 10 points regardless of their suit.
  • Every number card is worth its face value. For example, 7 is worth 7 points and 3 is worth 3 points.
  • Jokers are worth 0 points each.
  • With the following exclusions, the hand score of a losing player is determined by adding points of the cards that are not arranged in sets or sequences.
    • All cards are counted if the losing player has no pure sequence.
    • If the losing player does not have two sequences but has a pure sequence, only the pure sequence is not counted.

Points Rummy Rules

Points rummy rules are simple to understand and learn. With a few minor differences in the gameplay and rules, the game's goal is fairly similar to that of other 13-card rummy varieties. Before you begin to play this thrilling game, you need to be aware of the following rummy rules:

  • Two-player and six-player tables are used to play the game.
  • One deck of cards is used for a two-player table, while two decks are used for a six-player table. Each deck of cards has 52 cards and one printed joker.
  • In points rummy, a cash game played with a predetermined monetary value of each point
  • For a declaration to be valid, a player needs at least two sequences, at least one of which must be pure, and all other cards must be arranged in sequences or sets.
  • In a two-deck game, you cannot use the same card twice in a set. For example, 5-♠5 ♠-5 ♥ is not a valid set.
  • The person who makes a valid declaration first wins the game.

Points Rummy Rules for Joker

  • There are a total of 5 jokers (1 printed joker + 4 wild jokers) in a 13-card game played by 2 players.
  • A printed joker cannot be used to create a pure sequence.
  • Both printed jokers and wild jokers can replace any card in a set or an impure sequence.
  • A wild joker can also be used in a pure sequence but only in its original value and not as a substitute for any other card.

Winning Strategy: Tips for Points Rummy Game

All players play with the objective of arranging their cards sequences and sets in points rummy. After declaring, a player wins if their card groups comply with the game rules.

Points Rummy Tricks and Tips

  • High-value cards that do not form a set/sequence should be discarded early on.
  • Make good use of the joker to win the game before your opponent does.
  • Start the game with a focus on creating a pure sequence first.
  • If you believe you have been dealt a weak hand and are considering a drop, go for the first drop. You receive 20 penalty points on your first drop. However, you receive 40 penalty points if you attempt a middle drop or miss three consecutive turns.
  • Keep an eye on what color cards your opponents are discarding. You can guess what kind of cards they're holding.

Points Rummy FAQs

Can I win real cash in points rummy games?

Yes, you certainly can! In cash points rummy games, you can win real money by defeating your opponents. Simply choose Cash in the game lobby, followed by Points Rummy. Choose the point value and pay the entry fee accordingly. Then start playing the game.

How are scores calculated in points rummy?

Each face card and ace is worth ten points. The number cards are worth their face values. For instance, the 9s of all suits are worth 9 points each, and the 5s of all suits are worth 5 points each.
Winner: The player who makes a valid declaration first wins the game and scores zero points.
Losing Players: The number of ungrouped cards in a losing player's hand determines how many points they lose by.

How are winnings calculated in points rummy?

On Rummy.com, winnings are calculated by using the following formula:
Winnings = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee value of the point) – Rummy.com Fee

What is the maximum limit of points a player can be awarded as a penalty?

No matter what cards a player has, they can only get a penalty of 80 points max. A player will be awarded a penalty of 80 points even if all of their ungrouped cards add up to 100 or more.