Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is an exciting and challenging variant of the classic Indian rummy game played by 2 to 6 players. This rummy format is played for a predefined number of deals where each player gets a fixed number of chips to play the game on the app. As per the rules of deals rummy, the player who wins the rummy game has the maximum number of chips at the end of the game, which also includes all the chips from the losing players as well.

What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy is a variant that adds a thrilling dimension to the classic game. Each player receives a fixed number of chips for a predetermined set of deals, intensifying the strategic aspect. It is advisable that if you wish to win and play the game the right way, manage your chips wisely and focus on forming strong sets and sequences early in the game. Observe opponents' moves to gauge their strategies and adapt accordingly. ensures a seamless and secure gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy and stay sharp during the game.

Deals Rummy: Rules and How to Play

Deals rummy is a fun and entertaining rummy format. To play the deals rummy format, you must know all the important rules of the game. Here are the deals rummy rules that you should know:

  • The deals rummy format is played by 2 to 6 players. A standard 52-card deck plus one printed joker is used for two players, and 2 standard decks + 2 printed jokers are used if more than two players are playing.
  • The game can be played for 2 deals on
  • 13 cards are dealt to each player at the beginning of each deal.
  • The remaining card deck is placed at the center of the table face down, which forms the closed deck.
  • The top card from the open deck is placed face up on the table. It is known as the open deck, and players discard their cards to the open deck.
  • A wild card joker is picked randomly from the closed deck at the beginning of each deal. All other cards of the same rank also become wild jokers for that deal. For example, if 9♣ is picked as the wild joker in a game, 9♠, 9♥ and 9♦ will also be wild jokers for that game.
  • The objective of the game is to arrange your cards in sequences, or sequences and sets, and make a valid declaration before your opponents.
  • Your goal in each deal is to bring your score to zero since points are considered negative in the game of rummy.
  • On each turn, the player has to pick a card from either the open deck or the closed deck and then discard any one of their unwanted cards to the open deck.
  • After each deal, the winner gets chips from the losing players.
  • At the end of all deals, the player who has the most chips is declared the winner.

How to Download the Deals Rummy App

The deals rummy app can be downloaded from The app offers deal rummy as well as other Indian rummy variants. You can get the app on your phone and start playing this format instantly.

Steps to Download the App onto Android Mobile

The free app is available on the Google Play Store. Here is how you can download the rummy app onto your mobile:

Android Users

To play rummy on an Android mobile, follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store, type “ real cash rummy” in the search bar, and search.
  • Tap the “” app and tap “Install.”
  • Once the app is installed, tap “Play” to begin your rummy journey on offers a plethora of opportunities to all rummy players to participate in its tournaments and win whopping big cash prizes.

How Drop Feature Works in Deals Rummy

During a deals rummy game, any player can exit the deal by using the “Drop” option. There are two types of drops in a game of deals rummy: first drop and middle drop. A first drop happens when a player drops out of the game without picking the first card and incurs a penalty of 20 points. A middle drop is when a player drops anytime after picking the first card, which gets them a penalty of 40 points. When a player misses three consecutive turns, he/she is dropped out of the game and they incur a penalty of 40 points.

Drop Option for 2 Players in Deals Rummy

When two players are playing deals rummy, no player can drop the game. If a player decides to drop, he/she will lose.

Drop Option for More Than 2 Players in Deals Rummy

If more than two players are playing at a table, you can drop a round and come back for the next deal. However, you will still have to incur the penalty points as stated above.

How to Calculate Score in Deals Rummy

In deals rummy, players are given a fixed number of chips at the beginning of the game. At the end of each deal, the winning player gets chips equal to the losers' points. For example, the losing players lost by 30 points, so the winning players will get 30 chips. In the end, the player that has the highest number of chips is declared the winner.

In a deals rummy game, the winner of a deal gets zero points. The losing players get penalty points that are calculated by adding the value of the ungrouped cards in their hand. The values of the cards are as follows:

  • All face cards (Ks, Qs, Js) and aces (A’s) are worth 10 points each
  • All numbered cards (2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s) are worth the same as their face values. For example, a 7 of any suit is worth 7 points
  • All jokers (printed and wild) are worth zero points
Winner’s Points Score Calculation

The player who has the most chips at the end of all the deals is declared the winner. The formula used to calculate the winnings for each deal in deals rummy is as follows:

Winnings = (Chips won × Monetary value of each chip) – fee.

All the players pay the monetary value of the losing points to the winner. The monetary value of each chip is decided at the beginning of the game.

Losing Players' Score Calculation

When a player declares their hand before the first turn of the opponent, it is called a deal show in rummy. Point calculation for a deal show is as follows:

The losing player will only get half of his/her total points. For example, if the total value of ungrouped cards in hand is 40, the player will incur a penalty of only 20 points.

The minimum penalty that a losing player can get is 2 points.

The maximum penalty points a losing player can get is 40 (for a total score of 80 or more).

Maximum Points: The maximum penalty a player can get is 80 points. For example, if the value of ungrouped cards in your hand is 100, the maximum penalty you will incur is still capped at 80 points.

Deals Rummy FAQs

How are chips allocated in deals rummy?

Chips act as currency that is used to play deals rummy. Each chip is equivalent to one point. At the beginning of the game, each player will get a fixed number of chips.

Is deals rummy played for unlimited deals?

No, deals rummy is played for a predefined number of deals. Deals rummy is played for 2 on

What are the Maximum Points in Deals Rummy a player can get?

In Deals Rummy, the maximum points a player can get in a single deal is typically 80 or 100, depending on the platform's rules, ensuring that one exceptionally poor hand doesn't overly penalize a player.

Can I Win Real Cash in Deals Rummy?

Absolutely, you can win real cash in Deals Rummy. Once you've mastered the game and feel comfortable, you can enter cash games or tournaments and stand a chance to win real money.

How chips are settled at the end of a Deals Rummy Game?

At the end of a Deals Rummy game, chips are settled based on the number of points each player has. The player with the fewest points wins the pre-decided amount per point from the losing players.

What if I Miss Three Moves in Deals Rummy?

In most online rummy platforms, if you miss three consecutive turns in a Deals Rummy game, you're automatically dropped from that particular deal with the maximum point penalty.