Player Protection System

Player Protection System

At, your account's safety is our priority. We take steps to ensure all transactions are secure, but here's how you can play with even greater peace of mind:

Rummy isn't just about the cards you're dealt; it's about what you make of them. This thinking person's card game challenges you to transform your hand into winning combinations. While the initial deal involves some luck, pure skill separates the casual player from the rummy master.

Skilled players analyze their options and adjust their strategy, reading and discarding cards unlikely to contribute to winning sets or sequences. A sharp eye identifies the cards that unlock the hand's potential, bringing you closer to victory.

So, if you're looking for a card game that rewards strategic thinking and skillful play, look no further than The cards may be dealt by chance, but the outcome is in your hands.

What is a Player Protection System (PPS)?

Are you strategizing your next move in a thrilling rummy game only to have your internet connection drop? Fear not! We've introduced the innovative Player Protection System (PPS) to safeguard your game and minimize the impact of disconnection.

PPS analyzes your hand and automatically groups your cards as if you had them arranged. It ensures you retain valuable time and strategic advantage when you reconnect. If your opponent declares a win during your disconnection, PPS ensures your score reflects the most favorable arrangement of your cards. You will receive the lowest possible score based on the cards in your hand.

How does PPS Work?

At, we understand the frustration of losing connection during a game. That's why we've implemented the innovative Player Protection System (PPS) to ensure your gameplay experience remains smooth and fair.

Player Protection System activates in these situations:

  • When mid-game disconnection and your opponent wins, PPS analyzes your hand and groups your cards exactly how you had them arranged. It minimizes point loss and ensures a fair outcome.
  • If you disconnect during declaration, PPS automatically groups your cards according to your pre-arranged format, saving you time and frustration when you reconnect.
  • If your opponent declares a win while you're offline, PPS groups your cards based on your existing arrangements, ensuring you receive the lowest possible score based on your hand.
  • With PPS in place, enjoy uninterrupted rummy excitement on! Secure your game, play confidently, and experience a safer and more enjoyable gaming environment.

    Terms & Conditions

    Here are some key things to remember about the Player Protection System (PPS) on

  • PPS doesn't create new card groups for you. It simply retains the groupings you had already arranged before the disconnection. It ensures your strategic choices are reflected in the score.
  • When PPS activates, your score is based on the ungrouped cards you had in your hand, not "drop points." It minimizes point loss in case of disconnection.
  • While strives for optimal functionality, it cannot be held responsible for any errors in point validation by PPS or if the system fails to activate during a specific instance.
  • reserves the right to modify or remove the Player Protection System without prior notice. We aim to improve your gaming experience continuously, and these adjustments might be necessary in the future.
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