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You must carefully read and agree to all the terms in these Terms of Service prior to your use of our Services. "You" in these Terms of Service refers to "user", "player", as well as every visitor to our Website/Mobile App. By registering on, you agree to receive notifications via SMS/RCS and follow our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Game Rules.


Please make sure to read our Terms carefully and understand them well. All the clauses in’s Terms of Service are delineated in this Agreement and/or included in the medium of reference that can be accessed by clicking on the related links provided below. You should make sure that you have read and clearly understood our Agreement before becoming a user of, and you must agree to follow our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Fair Play Policy, Responsible Gaming Policy, Game Cancellation and Settlement Policy, Game Rules and all the policies laid down on the Website/Mobile App, and undertake to follow them. You are by all means bound by our Agreement in any instance when you choose to use our Services or games of rummy or software. We reserve the right to modify or amend our Terms at any time without prior notice to you.

Our Rummy Services

We provide our users/players with an excellent opportunity to enjoy our multiplayer rummy games 24x7. Using our seamless software and IT services, you can play online rummy, a game of skill, with other online rummy players on

Our Services are only intended to allow you to play rummy for the sole purpose of entertainment. Playing online rummy is legal in India, but will in no way be responsible or liable for any acts of gaming, including but not limited to real money gaming, that may take place outside our Website/Mobile App. Moreover, the state laws of Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, , Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana do not permit playing cash rummy games, depositing cash to play cash rummy games or withdrawing cash from one’s rummy account, so we do not offer cash rummy games or tournaments to players residing in or logging in from the aforementioned states.

Game Variants

On, you can play 13-Card Pool Rummy, 13-Card Deals Rummy, 13-Card Points Rummy, Spin & Win, and Rummy Tournaments. You can play both free and cash rummy games on However, people living in or logging in from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, , Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana are not permitted to play our cash games/tournaments as the aforementioned states do not allow playing real money rummy games.

Eligibility to Play Our Games

We do not allow people under the age of 18 years to play our games. If you allow or assist anyone who is below 18 years of age to access our Website/Mobile App or Services on your computer or internet-enabled gadgets, internet connection and/or accessibility (either borrowed or owned or leased), you will solely be responsible for your act and accept complete liability for any outcome thereof, including any adverse consequences. Neither, nor any other third party content provider, nor their related agents shall be responsible or liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential injuries or damages that may arise as a result of the use of or inability to use our Website/Mobile App by the user, regardless of instances when such party or agent has been warned of or advised against the possibility of similar injuries or damages.

Creation and Operation of User Account

To play our games, you are required to register with us on our Website/Mobile App using a strong password. After registration, a username will be automatically assigned to you. For account verification, you will be required to provide more personal information when you opt to play our cash games/tournaments. Before depositing cash or playing cash games, you must ensure that your password is strong and also includes capital letters, special characters, and numerals.

Geography, Jurisdiction, Payments, and Players’ Funds

Before you add cash to your account or play cash rummy games/tournaments on our Website/Mobile App, you must acknowledge the legality of playing cash rummy games/tournaments in the jurisdiction from where you are trying to play cash games/tournaments. You are prohibited from playing cash games/tournaments on if you are not legally competent to perform transactions in Indian rupees through banking channels in India and/or if you are not accessing from a jurisdiction where playing cash online rummy games/tournaments is legally permitted. Any violation of this policy will be considered a breach of our Terms of Service and as a result, your account will be locked immediately and you will not be entitled to receive any prizes from or refunds for any such cash games/tournaments that you might have participated in on our Website/Mobile App. You also acknowledge that the state laws of Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, , Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana, also called Restricted Territories, do not permit playing cash rummy games or tournaments online. You shall abide by these states’ laws and will not use Rummy’s Services to deposit cash, withdraw cash, or participate in cash games/tournaments on while residing in or logging in from these states.

Your Password Is Your Responsibility

After you have registered on our Website/Mobile App, it is your sole responsibility to make sure that you do not disclose your passwords to anybody whosoever, be it your friends, family, or a third party. Please create a strong password of minimum 8 characters, including capital letters, numerals and special characters, so that nobody can crack that. We shall not in any way be responsible if your user account is logged in to or accessed by anybody else by using your password. The restrictions defined for creating a strong password will be applicable only for passwords created on These restrictions will not apply to passwords created on social platforms, including but not limited to Facebook and Google, and their subsequent usage for login on

Technical Failures

It is possible that you sometimes face disruptions including, but not limited to, errors, disconnection or interruptions in communication because of issues in the internet services, software or hardware that you are using to access or avail our Services. shall not in any way be liable for any network disconnection on your computer, mobile phone or any other device caused by any fault or error at your end and shall not compensate you for any losses arising from such disconnection. In case of any disruption of service at’s end while a game is in progress, as determined by and solely at the discretion of, will cancel the game and refund your points/cash regardless of the status of the game.

No Warranty is committed to providing updated, accurate, complete, and reliable information by publishing it on the Website/Mobile App. However, we do not represent the suitability of the information published in documents or any other mediums available on our Website/Mobile App. All the information and related graphics and images on our Website/Mobile App are published on an “as is” basis without any warranty whatsoever expressed or implied by us. We hereby solemnly disclaim and discard all warranties about such information as well as all implied warranties and conditions of our merchantability, title and non-infringement, appropriateness to any particular purpose, and accuracy of our site, software, and games of rummy.

Software Usage

The use of our software for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Our software is meant only for playing rummy games for personal entertainment. You must use your account only for playing games on the Website/Mobile App and must not attempt to manipulate, decode, modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse or re-engineer our software in any manner. Please note that use of bots or automatic play is prohibited. Any attempt to use artificial intelligence that includes, but is not limited to, robots in connection with our rummy games and software is strictly forbidden. All the actions that you perform on or in connection with our Website/Mobile App must be executed by you only through the user interface that is accessible on our Website/Mobile App.

Fair Play policy

We take fair play very seriously and make sure that every player on gets an equal opportunity to win games. To prevent any form of malpractices or unfair play in our games and on our Website/Mobile App, all user actions including deposits, identity verification, rummy games, and individual hands are monitored to ensure a safe, legal, and fair environment for all our users.

Every single game on our Website/Mobile App must be a fair individual effort, not a team effort. As part of our Fair Play Policy and to prevent any form of malpractices and in-game collusion, all user actions are monitored and recorded.

Any detection of a breach of our Fair Play Policy, such as, but not limited to, unauthorized deposits under a stolen identity or collusion in play will result in prompt and serious action by against the offending user, including, but not limited to, permanent termination of the user’s account, as detailed in the “Breach and Consequences” section below.

No Bribes, Gifts or Favors

You shall not offer any employee any bribe, gifts, services, compensation, or any other favor that might influence or might appear to influence the employee in performing his/her duties at employees shall not solicit any bribe, gifts, or services from users. Offering employees any cash, cash equivalents, gifts, gift cards, services, or favors is strictly prohibited.

Fair Play Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

If you are a cash player on, your account balance is divided into two accounts: Deposit Balance and Withdrawable Balance. The Deposit Balance includes all the amount you have deposited and earned as a bonus. The Withdrawable Balance includes all the amount you have won (including all the entry fees you paid to join games you won). You can only withdraw a maximum amount equal to your Withdrawable Balance. You cannot withdraw your deposit balance without using it for playing cash games.

Terms of Payment

Breach and Consequences

If we have evidence, through our investigations or reasonable belief, of a breach of our Terms of Service by you and/or that your continued access to our Website/Mobile App is detrimental to the interests of or our users or the general public, we reserve the right to take one or all of the actions below at our own discretion:

The action taken by us will be solely due to your breach of our Terms of Service; the action shall be final and decisive and shall be binding on you. Any action taken by us will be without any prejudice to our other rights and remedies that are mentioned and available in law or equity.

Governing Law, Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

The agreement in our Terms of Service shall be followed, governed, and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. All or any disputes, complaints, differences, etc, shall be subject to Arbitration under the law of Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996. We are also an active member of The Online Rummy Federation(, also known as TORF. Our CIN is U92419HR2022PTC106915.

Content Copyright

All the online content, materials and information on our Website/Mobile App (collectively referred to as “Content”) are secured by intellectual property rights. The Content includes a wide range of online items like images, designs, multimedia clips, graphics, logos, information, text content, games, software, animation, marks, hyperlinks, and pictures. The Content, whether or not belonging to us, is thus protected and secured by applicable intellectual property rights. In addition, we are free to record and use, in any manner whatsoever, all chat content, images, emails, and recommendations sent by any member or user of our Website/Mobile App, as they form a part of the Content of


When you register with, you will receive notifications regarding special offers, updates, contests, account activities, etc. through SMSes, emails and direct mails. Some of’s promotions require users to be KYC-verified to receive benefits. If any aspect of your contact information or KYC (ID, address, email address or mobile number) is not approved or verified, you shall not receive the benefits of such promotions, including promotional amounts and prizes. Check out the specific terms and conditions of our promotions and contests before participating in them.

Refund Policy

Cancellation of Games is not responsible for any loss resulting from the cancellation of any games due to Service outages caused by the failures of our service providers, computer viruses, natural disasters or any other reason that is beyond our control. You acknowledge that you will not be entitled to any refund due to cancellation of games caused by factors that are beyond the reasonable control of


In accordance to the extent permitted by law, and in the humble consideration for allowing you to take part in the activity of online rummy games, you hereby agree with full knowledge to indemnify, defend and save us and hold us harmless to the complete extent of all awards and benefits, disbursements, litigation cost and reasonable fee of the attorney that we may have to incur or suffer in connection therewith including any sort of direct or indirect or consequential losses that may refer to any loss of profit and reputation that can arise from any claims, suits, taxes, actions, cause of actions, damages, penalties, injuries, expenses, demands, interest and/or awards imposed, brought or asserted against us by any person who has a connection with:

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