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  • Terms and Conditions
    1. To be eligible for a Scratch Card, you must fulfill the following conditions:
      • Play a minimum of total 20 cash games during the 2 PowerPlay slots in case of a single match.
      • Play a minimum of total 40 cash games during all the 4 PowerPlay slots in case of double matches.
    2. The reward will be credited to eligible players’ accounts after the T20 match is over.
    3. The Scratch Card will only be valid for 7 days from the day it is scratched.
    4. Note: The date of the 2024 Indian T20 league final has not been confirmed yet officially and the tournament may be rescheduled, paused midway or extended due to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. reserves the right to change the dates, offers periods, and schedules of all its offers and promotions that are in any way related to the Indian T20 league 2024.
    5. Email addresses and mobile numbers provided by players must be valid and up to date for the players to be eligible for any Instant Cash.
    6. All standard terms and conditions apply.
    7. The decision of management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.