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Promotion Period: 22nd March Onwards

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How to Participate:

How are Leaderboard Points calculated?

Note: You need to have a score of 20,000 or more to be eligible to rank on the All Rounder Leaderboard.

Points = Amount Wagered (Total Entry Fee Paid)/100

For example: If you wager ₹2,50,000 in a day, you will get 2500 Leaderboard points.

Promotion Timings

On Match Days: 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

  • Junglee Rummy
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    • Points

    • Players will get ranked based on the points they contribute to the Total Points Pool* on the All Rounder Leaderboard.
    • A player must score at least 20,000 points during the T20 match hours to get any points for the day. The total points for the day will be inclusive of the minimum target value.
    • The promotion will run every day during T20 match hours from 22nd March to 29th May 2024, starting at 15:00 hours and ending at 23:00 hours every day.
    • Note: The date of the 2024 Indian T20 league final has not been confirmed yet officially and the tournament may be rescheduled, paused midway or extended due to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. reserves the right to change the dates, offers periods, and schedules of all its offers and promotions that are in any way related to the Indian T20 league 2024.
    • The results will be updated every two hours.
    • All winners will have to share their experience with in a video. will have the full right to use the video for all promotional purposes.
    • To be eligible for any prizes, players must ensure that they have provided us with their valid email addresses and mobile numbers.
    • Players whose KYC is not approved will not be eligible for any of the prizes or benefits.
    • All standard terms and conditions apply.
    • The decision of the management shall be final and binding in case of any disputes.
    • Nissan Magnite car
    • will only be liable to pay the indicated car model's New Delhi ex-showroom price. The car model is subject to change depending on its availability in the winner's state.
    • In case the specified model is not available in the winner’s state, a car of a similar category and value will be given as the prize.
    • As a car may have different showroom prices in different states, has considered the car’s New Delhi ex-showroom price, which is ₹6 lakhs approximately. The winner will have to bear any differential amount on the same model in his/her state.
    • If the above prize is not available because of any unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, reserves the right to pay the said price to the winner, exclusive of GST.
    • The income tax called TDS (tax deducted at source), road tax, and insurance tax will be deducted against the value of the car as per the tax rules, which shall be borne by the winner.
    • The color of the vehicle is subject to availability.
    • The winner will need to take care of RTO formalities on his/her own.
    • The car will be delivered after the completion of the All Rounder Leaderboard contest, as per the availability of the car in the winner’s location/city.
    • Nissan or any car brand is not involved in any form with for promotional or sponsorship purposes for the All Rounder Leaderboard contest.
    • All prizes are non-transferable.
    • The images are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the actual prizes.