Points Tournament


Play fast paced tournaments with a fixed time for each round.


Enjoy big rewards in an unbelievably short time span.


Witness live increase in Prize Pool with each round.

How to play?



Things you need to know before you start playing a Points Tournament.

Increasing Prize Pool

The tournament prize pool increases after each round when players rebuy chips. It means that players can win bigger cash rewards.

How it works?

  • A player has the option to rebuy chips if their chip balance falls below the Minimum Chip Balance needed to continue playing the tournament.
  • The prize pool is increased by the amount spent by players to rebuy chips throughout a round.Read More…


During a Points Rummy Tournament, players can rebuy chips and stay in the tournament after each game/round.
The amount of chips that can be rebought and the corresponding rebuy fee are predetermined before the start of the tournament.

Tournament Structure































Note: All players are not eligible to Rebuy. Only those players will get an option to rebuy chips whose chip balance will meet the Minimum Chip Balance criteria for that round after rebuying.

For Example :
Rebuy = Rs.10 for 200 chips
Minimum Chip Balance = 800

Players Current
Balance after Rebuy
A 650 850 Yes
B 400 600 No

Tournament Starting Chips

Each Points Rummy tournament will begin with an equal number of chips for each player. Every tournament may have a different number of chips.

Point Value

In a Points tournament, each round has a pre-fixed point value. This Point Value is used to calculate the score after each game/round.

Chips Calculation
Losing player = Points Lost X Point value for
that round
Winning player = Sum of all losing players chips

Please Note:

Points lost = Sum of total ungrouped cards i.e.cards that are not a part of any valid set/sequence.
The maximum number of points a player can lose is 80.


Point Value: 10
Game 1 Points Chips Balance
Player 1 0 +1900
Player 2 20 -200
Player 3 30 -300
Player 4 50 -500
Player 5 80 -800
Player 6 10 -100

Round & Games

Each tournament has a fixed number of rounds that end either when the timer runs out or all players are eliminated.

Minimum Chip Balance

To continue competing in the competition, competitors must keep a minimum chip balance after each game or round. The players that have more chips than the minimum chip balance or exactly equal to it advance to the following game/round.

Minimum Chip Balance = Point Value of Round x 80


Point Value: 10
Minimum Chip Balance: 10x80 = 800

The amount of chips a player has decides how far they can go in a Points tournament.
Following each game or round, the chip balance is calculated using their score.

Refer to the example below:

Point value for Game 1, Round 1: 10
Min. qualifying chip balance 10 x 80 = 800
Rebuy = ₹10 for 100 chips

Players Starting
Chips Won/
Rahul 0 pts. 1000 1900 2900 Promoted
Ramesh Lost 20 pts. 1000 -200 800 Promoted
Suman 30 pts. 1000 -300 700 Rebuy
Madmax 50 pts. 1000 -500 500 Eliminated
Rafaesh. 80 pts. 1000 -800 200 Eliminated
Joesh 10 pts. 1000 -100 900 Promoted

Terms & Conditions

  1. All points rummy tournaments have fixed seats. Players must be available to enter the tournament at the scheduled start time.
  2. When registration for a tournament opens, players can sign up, and entry will be on a "first come, first served" basis.
  3. Every round or game may have a different point value.
  4. The rebuy option will not be available in the last round of the tournament.
  5. A game will be forcibly halted if it continues after the round time has passed. When the game is force-stopped, the forced-stopped deal will be considered null and void for all players at the table. Scores of that deal will not be calculated.
  6. If a player’s chip balance does not meet the minimum qualifying chips value even after rebuying chips, the player will not be eligible for rebuying chips and will be eliminated from the tournament.
  7. The prize pool may be increased by adding some of the rebuy money. Before the tournament starts, the percentage share of the rebuy money will be displayed on the tournament details page.
  8. The algorithm will wait for a certain amount of time before allowing the other players to reveal their cards if a declaration is made in the final 60 seconds of a round. After that, rankings and scores will be determined, and rewards will be awarded accordingly.
  9. The prize pool and winnings may change depending on how many players join the tournament and rebuying chips.
  10. When there is a tie, the prize is split equally among the tied players, who all have the same rank.
    Example: If there is a tie for the 2nd rank between 2 players, the cash prizes for Rank 2 and Rank 3 will be added up and the total amount will be divided between the 2 players equally. Hence, there will be two Rank 2s in such a case, followed by Rank 4 as the Rank 3 player will be moved to Rank 4.
  11. In case of a tie for a ticket prize, tickets will be distributed to all the players in the tie ranks by removing ticket prizes from the last winning ranks who are getting the same ticket.
    The next consecutive ranks would shift by the number of players tied.
    Example: Order of Ranks: Rank 1, Rank 2 (ticket), Rank 2 (ticket), Rank 4, … and so on.
  12. In case there is a tie in the last rank which has a ticket ( or non-dividable prize) and there is only 1 ticket left to be given out, the following parameters would be considered for tie-breaker:
  13. Chip balance of previous rounds.
  14. Registration time. Whoever registered for that tournament first.
  15. All players are randomly allocated seats at the tables.
  16. 30% TDS (tax deducted at source) will be deducted from the winnings of ₹10,000 or more won in a single game, tournament or contest.
  17. Rummy.com reserves the right to modify or withdraw any tournament at any time without any notice.
  18. In case of any dispute about winners, winnings or anything else, the decision of Rummy.com shall be final and binding on all participants.
  19. Rummy.com reserves the right to rescind the prize(s) offered if a player uses any unfair means to win the prize(s).
  20. Each winner is required to provide Rummy.com with a video testimonial. The video may be used in any way Rummy.com sees fit for promotional purposes.
  21. Players must ensure they have given us their accurate email addresses and mobile numbers to be eligible for any rewards.
  22. Players whose KYC is not approved will not a be eligible for any prizes.
  23. All standard Rummy.com terms and conditions apply.